Thursday, 28 July 2016


Exhibition design or commonly termed as stall design or booth design are an ideal medium for most B2B/B2C brands today. It is not about participation but brand projection. Exhibition stall production is carried out keeping the fine nuances of a brand in mind to aptly reflect and communicate the brand image. Let’s understand what really delivers that perfect brand environment.
Exhibition design or regularly termed as stall design or corner design are a perfect medium for most B2B/B2C brands today. It is not about investment but rather mark projection. Exhibition stall production is completed remembering the fine subtleties of a brand to apropos reflect and impart the brand picture. How about we comprehend what truly conveys that impeccable brand environment.

Innovative Elements in Stall Design — Innovative elements or materials are being investigated with today. The knowledge is to not just use them for excellent class exhibition stall creation, but also to make them a part of the brand image. Such elements include:
Stand out Components — Examples include a set of steps, lounge, reception counter, invention display, light fixtures, ceiling design, etc.
Posters and Visuals — Visuals and communication for the entire exhibition stall design and production such as the use of info graphics, way-finding systems, photography, product-display graphics, key communication, on-site graphics etc. add brand communication to the  building design.
Product/Service Demo — An exhibition stall design production is partial without an exciting product or service demonstration. After all, what displays is what sells.
Technology — Unique and effective use of technology all over the exhibition production is an interesting skill of adding glitz.

Practical Exhibition Stall Design — Stall design expressly designed to create a practice for attendees, i.e., an exhibition stall design that activates attendees' senses and goes above and beyond a static architectural structure is the current twist in the tale. 
Lighting based Exhibition Stall Design and Production — Lighting can change the stall assembly turnout completely. It can create to play a vital role that can be plus a pavilion design to the life. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Event Organisers- S R Initiatives
Event Organisers- S R Initiatives

We work in giving serious and similarly selective event management administrations. We sort out and deal with an extensive variety of Corporate Events, for example, Product Launches, Seminars, Presentations, Sponsorship Events, Product Promotions, Brand Activation, Fashion Shows, Brand Promotion, Road Shows, and so on. Our accomplished group composes the event in a deliberate way inside a constrained time. Since beginning, our point is to spare our customers' valuable time, assets and cash by offering fulfilling administrations. We guarantee our clients with best event management administrations gave by us. We are known because of our speedy and best administration of event management.
Our dynamic event management services include:
·         Design agency and engraving of award trophies
·         Printing
·         Photography
·         Promotional / corporate gifts
·         Stewarding, security & safety staff
·         Temporary event structures

·         Celebrity Management

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dress Code  For Event Organiser

In an Event Management company like event industry, associations with customers change colossally from gigantically formal/professional too far out easygoing or anything in the middle.

However, from an outcast's point of view, occasion planning agencies put out an easygoing picture, a formal clothing is most appropriate for the greater part of the corporate occasions – which include an official business environment.

Here comes the requirement for the on location occasion group to be dressed fittingly for the occasion – a little yet imperative detail that frequently gets neglected.

Your occasion group can take after a specific clothing standard, which looks sharp yet publicizes your own particular image tastefully. Nonetheless, proficient does not generally mean tedious or stodgy; it's fine to permit a touch of individual interests to blend with polished methodology.

The individuals in your Event group ought to be wearing a monochrome, so they have the right blend of being unmistakable to the customer or visitors when required; and to abstain from emerging a lot in the group. For the most part, dark is an industry standard – female customized cuts for ladies are favored and they can have the organization's logo on them.

You can get as innovative as you prefer with the style of these staff dresses – the length of your occasion group discovers them agreeable, and they look respectable. These points of interest go far in building up a brand review with your customers and participants.

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Event Management from Creation to Execution

Event Management Company has developed conceivably well throughout the most recent decade. We have seen an incredible cooperation in events on particular subjects. Be it a show, gathering, corporate event or marathons, individuals have begun to take enthusiasm for a wide range of events similarly and effectively.

Event Management Company

Create An Interactive Format:
On occasion the presentations in courses are very long with various slides that leaves the gathering of people free the genuine track. To survive the weights of adjusting both data and consideration you have to act like companions or buddies cruising on the same pontoon. Cooperate with your gathering of people by putting speedy questionnaires.1).Send snappy inquiries on their cellular telephones, 2).Give them an opportunity to produce input directly after a session closes. 3).Handover some vivid note pads and papers, with the goal that they can gather a space of questions to be asked, at whatever point required. 4).Ask them to partake, pick volunteer for crucial assignments, this will light involvement. Photos certainly include blasts of shading at the social presentations. To start the communications show pictures that represent themselves through expansive screen by means of projectors.
Who made such immense cooperation conceivable at each kind of events? Gives allow it to up for all the event administration organizations who conveyed assortments of events to the Indian gathering of people. It is hard to choose main event management administration organizations in India considering the huge measure of great organizations and their endeavors, all equivalent and aggressive. We are going to enroll our own.
Our choice criteria was:

Social Proof

Number of successful events they have hosted Client Achievements

We Speclize in Stall Designing, Exhibition Management, Corporate Conferences, Event Planning and Management company in Delhi Ncr.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Have you started questioning your logo design?

What makes a logo not just creative, yet solid, effective, and enduring? How would you know when your logo isn't working the way it ought to? Despite the fact that you've put resources into a logo configuration, is it what you needed? Is it working the way you imagined? What improves one idea conceivably than another? How would you limit down your top decisions in a logo upgrade to a leader when diverse individuals are reacting to various feel?

Unfortunately, things change. Perhaps what you once believed was a decent logo for your business just doesn't work any longer. Possibly your business center or clients have changed, perhaps you've developed or changed markets. Perhaps you've included administrations or changed your central goal or converged with another business. Another logo is an incredible approach to reserve another period of the business. The greater part of the most well-known brands on the planet have seen broad brand development, including Coca-Cola, Apple, and Ford.

Be that as it may, where do you start? Having a rundown of target criteria keeps bunch dialogs from decentralizing into impulses, individual style, or resolved positions. Here are five tips to help you observe if a logo idea has what it takes to best speak to your business.


Will the logo engage your objective clients; both now and later? 
This is presumably the greatest obstacle for the vast majority to overcome. You are not your client. Your "preferences" are not as a matter of course theirs. So it's imperative to answer basic inquiries: Who are they? Does it address their interests or needs? Would it be able to make perplexity or be hard to get it?

Individuality & Simplicity

Does it create a strong and distinct impression?
Logos are about visibility in the disorder of the marketplace and being distinctly unique in relation to your competitors. Graphic designers deal in a systematic world of symbolism, form, typography, and color where it's nearly difficult to be "totally original," however we constantly attempt to grow new interpretations of meaningful ideas. It's more important to appear as something else within your competitors (industry, category, or geographic district) than the logo universe in general.

Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve and requires the most work, which is the inverse of what most customers anticipate. Excessively precarious or excessively detailed and you hazard losing your audience before they even get the message.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

“Creativity is insight having a fun.” – Albert Einstein

It took God seven days and seven nights to make planet Earth, our delightful home. Creativity is inspired by experiences and challenges and to construct something without any preparation requires significant investment. Edison had a 33% dismissal rate for the vast majority of his licenses when he at long last acknowledged the unavoidable dissatisfaction of the innovative process and turned his thoughtfulness regarding different undertakings that in the end lead to the development of the electric light—the wellspring of his acknowledgment as a wonder today. Shakespeare likewise needed to encounter incalculable disappointments before Hamlet did right by him. The key to achieving inventive triumph lies in doing things any other way regardless of the fact that it spells disappointment at last. Persistence constantly opened way to enormity. Innovative virtuoso's take the street less voyaged and dive into differing thoughts and activities as it is trusted that the main thought dependably winds up in the refuse while it triggers new and refined thoughts.

Time draws an unparalleled line amongst client and the artist. Being compelled to think of something unprecedented in a minute's the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually bring about the standard. Attempting to hack up rainbows inside outlandish time points of confinement will put the psyche on autopilot and therefore trade off on imagination, a capacity just accessible in Snap-chat. An imaginative personality might be innovative when the psyche is sans set to envision, make and play.

Monday, 18 April 2016



SR Initiatives Designs spends significant time in using both new age and conventional correspondence mediums, to recognize the client's reaction to correspondence branding. We capability amalgamate our ability and experience into branding, designing, and different areas to induce new points of view and creative arrangements that interface brands to their intended interest group in a viable way.
We are knowledgeable in creating capable marketing and branding arrangements that enhance your image character, plan marketing pledges, and execute a system to transcend the disorder. We let the brands associate with individuals in an impactful way. We work towards adjusting every one of the partners in marketing, inner branding, promoting, and correspondence between partners cohesively.

It is a constant test to out-brand your rivals and, it should be done in a key and effective way. Communication branding should be predictable and dynamic in this computerized time. We bolster you send a convincing, engaging and novel branding technique that fortifies your image correspondence among your outside and inward clients.
We also assist companies to identify the gaps in perception among the target audience and propose an expert strategy to improve their brand personality and positioning.
Our services include
·         brand identity
·         re-branding
·         brand promotions
·         corporate communications

Talk to us today at +91 8447397441 for an effective and creative plan that can be executed in a meticulous way to ensure high impact.